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AGRICULTURE is pressing on as best it can in the circumstances and markets have stayed open – though strict social-distancing rules are enforced. Trade was brisk at Ayr on Tuesday when Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd sold 31 calves and 10 stirks. They say: "All classes upheld recent rates with numbers short of buyers' requirement." Calves peaked at £430 for a Smart Limousin Bull off Cromlet. Heifer Calves to £385 for a Shapely British Blue off Over Enoch. Bull Calves (Top Price Per Head) Limousin: £430 and £365 Cromlet. British Blue: £425 x2 Drummullan, £345 x2 Tannockhill. Aberdeen Angus: £365 x2 Drummullan. Friesian: £150 and £100 Cromlet. Shorthorn: £260 Meadowbank. Heifer Calves (Top Price Per Head) British Blue: £385, £370 x2 and £360 Over Enoch, £370 Cromlet, £350 Nether Craig. Limousin: £280 Meadowbank. Stirks (Top Price Per Head) Limousin Heifer: £540 High Borland. British Blue Heifer: £540 High Borland, £505 East St Colmac. British Blue Bull: £500 x2 East St Colmac. Aberdeen Angus Bull: £500 North Kilruskin. Friesian Bull: £300 Mossend (Kirkmichael). Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd sold 132 Prime and Cast Cattle. Prime Cattle sold Similar to recent weeks. 18 Heifers Averaged 225.1p or £1267.61 5 Bullocks Averaged 218.2p or £1254.81 Top Price of the day was 250p for a Superb Limousin Heifer off Boylston bought by Frasers Butchers, Stranraer (£1,437.50). Bullocks Topped at 237p for a Smart Limousin Cross off North Boig to Messrs Marshall Butchers, Johnstone or £1452 for a Limousin off Blairbowie. Heifers (Top Price Per Kilo) Limousin: 234p and 232p x2 Girvan Mains, 233p South Milmain, 232p Blairbowie and Mansfield Mains, 231p Blairbowie. Charolais: 233p Carskerdo. Simmental: 221p North Boig. Saler: 213p Mansfield Mains. Aberdeen Angus: 206p Borland. Bullocks (Top Price Per Kilo) Limousin: 237p and 222p North Boig, 220p Blairbowie. Simmental: 204p Borland. Rough Ring- all classes sold similar to last week. 3 Bulls Averaged 122.1p Topping at £1110 for a Limousin off Kirkhill or 147p for an Aberdeen Angus off Littleton. 31 Beef Cows Averaged 117.6p to £1280 for a Saler off Girvan Mains or 154p for another Saler off the same home. 75 Dairy Cattle Averaged 91.4p Top of £900 for a Friesian off Carskerdo or 110.4p for a Friesian off Isle. Bulls (Top Price Per Head) Limousin: £1110 Kirkhill. Aberdeen Angus: £970 Littleton. Charolais: £930 Drumbowie. Cows (Top Price Per Head) Saler: £1280 and £1200 Girvan Mains. Limousin: £1200 Girvan Mains, £960 Lawhill. Simmental: £1160 Girvan Mains, £910 Drumjoan. Aberdeen Angus: £1020 Whatriggs, £890 Arnsow. Charolais: £950 High Kilbride. Galloway: £870 Broomfield. Friesian: £900 Carskerdo, £840 Baltersan, £820 Lochside. Ayrshire: £630 Bowfield. Charolais Bullock: £900 Knocklaugh. Ayrshire Bullock: £770 Bowfield. Friesian Heifer: £690 Isle.

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