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THERE are fears that people are staying away from hospital and medical help, either because they want to avoid burdening the NHS amid Coronavirus or because they fear exposure to Covid-19. It could mean that people with serious issues are not being treated and so efforts are being made to reassure people that the NHS is still able to help those with the virus. The Emergency Department at Galloway Community Hospital in Stranraer continues to operate as normal during this time, says the NHS in the region. Dr Kenneth Donaldson, NHS Dumfries and Galloway Medical Director, said: “Anyone who requires urgent medical treatment should always attend their closest Emergency Department in the first instance. “Staff there will be able to help with everything from chest and abdominal pain to suspected stroke, breathing problems, a very sick child, severe bleeding and broken bones. “Although a great deal of attention is focused on Covid-19, it's important that people understand that services like the Emergency Department continue to operate normally. “People should also be assured that great care is being taken to ensure that no one is exposed to the risk of transmission of coronavirus, and that patients with Covid-19 have a specific, separate route for treatment.” Meanwhile, a range of services continue to be available in the community – including GPs and pharmacists – although arrangements have been altered as a result of Covid-19. Deputy Medical Director Dr Grecy Bell - pictured - said: “Some changes in service have been made within primary care, such as GP practices now triaging calls and offering telephone or NHS Near Me secure video consultations. “However, they are still there to help you if you need more support, and so are pharmacies which can be an excellent first point of assistance. “These are very difficult times, but it's important that everyone continues to seek out the support which they need. “At all times, advice is available by visiting the NHS Inform website or by calling the telephone number 111.” For more information, visit www.nhsinform.scot

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